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  The idPlayer™ smart device
(pictured right) integrates an iPod like audio/video player, a fingerprint sensor/navigator and NFC-RFID chips and antenna.  The idPlayer™ smart  device has an touch screen color LCD display and is capable of paying for, downloading, storing and playing mp3 audio files and mp4 video files. Examples of use include a “guided” visual tour of a museum or playing of motivational audio programs. The idPlayer™ device has a color touch screen, 4 gigabytes of memory, a SD card for additional memory, a USB port and a biometric fingerprint sensor/navigator. Of course, it can be used as a normal iPod™-like mp3/mp4 player as well.

idGadget Devices

  The idFob™ smart device
(pictured right), is a small key fob that incorporates all the security and communication capabilities of the idPlayer™ device adds includes Class 3 Bluetooth technology. This allows the idFob™ device to communicate securely with any mobile phone with Bluetooth. With the idFob™ device almost any existing mobile phone can be used as a secure wallet or ticketing device with any NFC equipped point of sale or any meWallet™ enabled website. The idFob™ comes standard with a fingerprint sensor, 2GB of internal memory, Bluetooth, NFC-RFID and USB.


  Because there are no biometrically secured mobile phones and other RFID devices in the market, Sentegra is producing our own inexpensive interim devices. As a security measure, the idGadget™ devices will only function when activated by the correct fingerprint which is stored only in the device. The idGadget™ devices communicate with standard “contactless Tap & Pay” Near Field Communication-Radio Frequency Identification (NFC- RFID) and USB. With Sentegra's meWallet™ smart devices no software is ever required on a PC. Because the idGadgets™ communicate in bi-directionally (two-way sending & receiving) with standard NFC readers, users can receive receipts, promotional offers, coupons, loyalty points and rebates to their idGadgets™ during the transaction through the point of sale terminal or turnstile. This can directly increase your revenues as well as augment your customer relationship strategies.

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